Global Computers

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Global Computers is a middle-scale fast growing company located at Shirdi, Maharashtra, India. The company is dealing into IT-enabled services providing cutting-edge software solutions & support, IT hardware maintenance & accessories, consulting and dealership of hardware’s parts and software’s.

The company started its operations in 2000. Initially, the company had focused upon IT hardware maintenance and upon the sale of the IT hardware accessories including assembled PCs. The sole objective of the company was to provide its best services in IT hardware and accessories to local and nearby clients.

Thereafter the company began the dealership of the branded software’s like Microsoft products, Tally etc. and other third-party commercial software’s and providing the support to the same. Within the shortest span of time, the company earned a great deal of recognition, confidence, and faith in its client circle due to its 24 * 7 days of consistent & committed services.

This ultimately led company to expand its business horizons in the area of the service industry beyond the IT hardware and dealership field and made an entry into providing IT software solutions and this again was due to the huge demand and responsive urge of the existing client circle.

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Accessories & Peripherals

A company does make available all sorts of computers, printers, laptops & all other IT hardware peripherals, accessories and stationeries at the best[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/annual-maintenance-contract-amc/” icon=”icon-stack” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#90c847″]

Annual Maintenance Contract

The company undertakes all sorts of AMC based jobs like complete hardware maintenance, software maintenance on annual basis.[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/software-development/” icon=”icon-support” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#90c847″]

Software Development

Company has dealership association ships with many software companies for their software products. Our dealership associated companies makes most[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/dealership-of-branded-softwares/” icon=”icon-support” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#90c847″]

Dealership of Branded Software’s

The company also does have the dealership tie-ups with third-party software companies for commercial software’s. To name few, we have the tally, eZee technologies pvt. ltd etc.[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/dealership-of-third-party-softwares/” icon=”icon-support” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#90c847″]

Dealership of Third Party Software’s

Company also does have the dealership tie-ups with third-party software companies for commercial software’s. To name few, we have tally, eZee technologies pvt. ltd etc.[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/it-consultancy-services/” icon=”icon-support” icon_color=”#c2c2c2″ icon_hover_color=”#90c847″]

IT Consultancy Services

The last but not least is company’s consultancy services division. Company observed that among the people in its service industry;[/nz_box][/nz_content_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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